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Sunday, August 29, 2021

How to rearrange kitchen hanging elements? (Kako preurediti kuhinjske visece elemente?)

Problem: the interior of the kitchen elements is made of iron, some parts are rusty and there are nails that you can stab or scratch. This is how it was with me.

Solution: self-adhesive wallpaper that can be cleaned with dry kitchen towel.

Required: self-adhesive wallpaper, scissors, ruler, pencil, paper, duct tape.

Note: save the paper from which you remove the self-adhesive wallpaper, if you have protruding nails, like me :)

How to fix the beginning of the zipper? (Kako popraviti pocetak rajsfeslusa?)

Problem: The right side of the zipper on the sweatshirt will not enter the left side.

Solution: scissors.

When I lived in the apartment before this, it was very cold (freezer cold). On the tiles in the kitchen, in front of the sink, I put a sweatshirt with a zipper to make me feel warmer. Sometimes I even wore slippers. Sometimes I stepped on the beginning of the zipper with my slipper.

How to return a sponge on a vacuum cleaner? (Kako namestiti sundjer na usisivacu?)

Problem: you have sponge in your vacuum cleaner. It got stuck with dust, cobwebs and (like in my case) with parrot feathers and parrot food. So, you took the plastic thing out, cleaned your sponge and now you can't return it back because it slides up when you push the plastic down.

Solution: duct tape or adhesive bandage.

Why is this important: because if you don't return it the way it was, or in other words, if you have free space between sponge and vacuum cleaner motor, it will get stuck with everything you are vacuuming and it will stop working.